About KJWC


Kelowna Joint Water Committee

Mandate, Structure, Goals & Objectives

1.    Mandate

The Kelowna Joint Water Committee (KJWC) is a coordinating organization for the five large water utilities that operate within the City of Kelowna. The KJWC was formed in 1991 to promote standardization of methods and materials, improve communications, and to provide an integrated approach to water supply within the City boundaries. The five utilities include: the City of Kelowna water utility (City), the Black Mountain Irrigation District (BMID), the Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District (GEID), Rutland Waterworks District (RWD), and the South East Kelowna Irrigation District (SEKID).

2.    Organizational Structure

Each member of the KJWC is an autonomous statutory organization with independent decision-making authority derived from the Community Charter and the Local Government Act. Participation in the KJWC is voluntary. The KJWC consists of the Board of the Whole and the Technical Committee. The Board of the Whole is made up of an elected representative and a senior staff member from each of the utilities.The Technical Committee is the working body responsible for carrying out the business of the committee and is made up of a senior staff member from each of the utilities. The Board of the Whole has three regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year and is responsible for appointing the Chair of the KJWC (typically an elected member of the committee) and approving the annual budget and work plan. All members of the Board of the Whole have one vote.

The Technical Committee meets twice a month. It is responsible for carrying out the work plan as approved by the Board of the Whole and members are responsible for reporting back to their respective elected representative and organization about the activities and progress of the KJWC. The Technical Committee appoints a Technical Committee Chair who is responsible for setting meeting agenda, reviewing committee minutes and reporting to the Chair of the KJWC.


3.    On-going Objectives

The on-going objectives of the KJWC include:

Common Standards: Continue to review and develop the servicing standards of all water utilities within the City and maintain standards and a product approval program.

Communication: Continue to provide utility information for beneficial use by City Council, Boards of Trustees and related staff, including the City of Kelowna Planning Departments and stakeholders within the community.

Integrated Water Supply Plan: Prepare a comprehensive, integrated water supply plan to provide the citizens of Kelowna with a safe, reliable and cost effective water supply.

Public Education: Increase education and marketing to the public on the value of water.

Public Safety: Continue promotion and practices for delivering the public a safe water supply.

Maintain Agricultural Interests:  Provide a dependable and affordable water supply to the agricultural industry in Kelowna.

Supply Redundancy: Develop a strategy for emergency cross boundary servicing between all purveyors within the City of Kelowna.

Source Water Protection: To maintain, preserve and protect the quality and quantity of all surface and groundwater sources for the City of Kelowna.

 Water use efficiency/conservation: Continue to develop an effective water conservation program for the benefit of the community as a whole.

For more information about the Kelowna Joint Water Committee contact the water supplier in your area or email us at KJWC.org.