Approved Products Programs

Water service construction standards

The Approved Products Program was established by the KJWC in the early 90’s. A number of problems were being encountered during the construction boom of the day. The issues of concern were:

  1. the inconsistency of what each District allowed for construction and water service standards;
  2. the wide range of products allowed to be installed;
  3. contractors not knowing the specific standards of each District or using a lower standard from another;
  4. distributors having to carrying large inventories;
  5. poor quality materials imported from off-shore manufacturers.

The KJWC responded to these concerns by initiating the “Specification Committee” whose mandate was to form a common “Standards of Installation” and an “Approved Products List”.

A committee of representatives from each of the KJWC members as well as a consulting engineer meets several times per year. They also meet to review product applications for new or existing materials and installation designs.

Products are reviewed with a focus on whether: applicable standards are being met, overall quality of manufacturing, ease of use or installation, and amount of parts or inventory needed to service.

The KJWC Approved Products List and Standard Drawings are now part of the City of Kelowna’s Subdivision, Development and Servicing Manual, Bylaw #7900.

Approved Products List

This process has been very beneficial to suppliers and contractors. It has simplified the tender and bid process and reduced inventory requirements for suppliers. In addition, consultants and inspectors know exactly what to look for, product assembly, and quality control. Finally, it demonstrates to customers how their tax dollars are being used efficiently, effectively, and that products have a long service life.